Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Release of the 'Do Not Feed The Artists' dvd [part of the NMA 6 DVD-package]

Producer Shinji Kanki emailed me that on February 14, 2006, will be release party of the Do Not Feed The Artists documentary dvd, captured live at the Sibelius Academy in March 2005.

I co-composed the piece with Dario Martinelli, dancer Laura Pesonen created choreography for this 35 minute long work and danced at the concert.

The evening was the final concert at the New Music Academy serie produced by CM&T. Dvd is one of the NMA sixpack-dvd serie produced by Boring Films.

Just before the concert, in March 2005, I wrote the following announcement to my friends...

Subject: Zoomusicological activities...

with zoomusicologist Dario Martinelli and dancer Laura Pesonen we're going to perform 'Zoomusicological concert' on Thursday March 31st, at Sibelius Academy's Electric Hall.

The concert will be videostreamed (FOMA Live-Video Distribution Platform) by Japanese NTT DoCoMo. According to Shinji Kanki (SibA) there is potential for 20 million viewers in Japan! Internet live stream: rtsp:// (starts: 19:25 CET+1 hour).

Dario's interview about the concert will be online within next few hours, check:
Musica Bestiale: "Do not feed the Artists", La Rondine, March 31, 2005
L'Arpa di Noè di Nicola Rainò, La Rondine, April 2, 2005


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