Wednesday, January 04, 2006

NAVIGATOR will be published on BELLY CD [Important Records, March 06]

My underwater composition Navigator, based on noises of Beluga whales, will be soon released on the CD Belly of the Whale [Important Records]. More about the project here. Jim Nollman informed me about the present situation of the project and wrote about it also at the Newsletter of Interspecies Communication (below). There will be 18 compositions on the Belly CD from the composers Jim Nollman, Scanner, David Rothenberg, Petri Kuljuntausta, Christina della Giustina, Kim Cascone, Merzbow, Archive, Josh Dippold, Jayne Fenton Keane, Kent Clelland, Yannick Dauby, Bryce Beverlin II, Homer Smith, Nathan McNinch, Thanos Chrysakis, Janus Kober, Stephen Vitiello.

By the way, there is also underwater recording of Navigator, recorded at underwater concert in Malmö city coast in Sweden. This concert recording has released on the cd karta/terräng (Laika, Sweden 2004). 

But back to Interspecies Newsletter, where Jim Nollman wrote:

"Over the years, Interspecies has also promoted the development of new media that uses these recorded sounds to create unique musical forms. The Belly of the Whale Project engages 18 composers from 11 countries who make use of an source CD containing hundreds of audio clips recorded on various field projects. The co-producers of the project, and, are happy to announce that Important Records will release a CD of the Belly Project in March 2006." 


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