Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nightingale composition (premiere in 2008)

A Project plan for a festival in 2008

My Nightingale digital composition will be ca. 10-15 min long,
it is a new composition, so the work will be premiered at
the festival. The work will be based on sounds of
nightingales, real (natural) and digitally alienated. The second layer
of the work is live electronic part. At the concert I will complete
the texture of the work by playing live with my digital instruments
and sound processors: on the stage I'll manipulate the bird sounds in
real-time, sample the sounds live and play the bird fragments back in
alienated form. I'll create contradicting lines as well as imitate the
birds and create conversations with them by using similar kind of
sound colours and noises as nightingales. I'll mainly recycle the bird
sounds, so my live sounds are mostly based, one way or the other, on
the sounds of nightingales.

My concert performance is solo performance.
Concerning my equipments, I already have all my personal digital
instruments and stage mixer, so there is no need to arrange or rent
anything special for me. Perhaps this info is not needed yet, but
concerning my stage set-up and sound, I'll need 4 lines (2 x stereo)
from the main mixer, and on the stage there should be chair for me and
table for my digital equipments. So my set-up is very easy to arrange.
Good monitoring on the stage would be nice, as well as at least 0.5
hour long soundcheck time with sound man of the concert, and I prefer
dim light in the hall during my performance.

BUT, here comes my second idea, Plan no 2:
- if there is possibility to do something more, I could collaborate
with Finnish video artist Sami van Ingen and he could visualize my
music and create nightingale video work on my composition. Then we
could perform music and video together at the concert. In this case
we'll also need video projector and screen (perhaps some cultural
organization could borrow these?). My solo is fine, but
if we like to add this kind of extra dimension in the nightingale
project, we could do it easily. I have done many concerts with Sami,
so technically and socially it is nothing new for us. But if
the video screening will make our life too problematic at the concert
and the equipments (projector+screen) are too difficult to arrange, I
could always make solo performance and stay on sound...

Also: I am ready to participate if there is any kind of collective
performance arranged at the end of this concert or during the
festival. Perhaps Sonera or Elisa or Saunalahti mobile phone /
Internet company could transfer live sound from a forest to the
concert stage, where we improvise together and could play
with the real-time sounds of that forest and its birds... who knows,
perhaps some of the companies will like the idea...!!


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