Thursday, December 22, 2005

Electronic Music: collections, archives, information...

Videotaped interviews, a number of important pioneering voices in electroacoustic music:

The Database of Recorded American Music:

Latin American Electroacoustic music collection:

120 Years of Electronic Music

Electronic Music Foundation

Medien Kunst Netz:



World Forum for Acoustic Ecology

Handbook of acoustic ecology

Electro Acoustic Resource Site (EARS)

Physical Attributes of Acoustic Sound - interactive sound for the web & wireless

Sound effects (FX)   or

Peep (The Network Auralizer)

International Community for Auditory Display

Collaborative sound database (Creative Commons)

The History of Crossover Art - Crossing the Borderlines between Image and Sound

Java Boutique - audio applets

Sound physics vs. human hearing

About decibels, basic

About decibels, advanced
History of recorded audio (+ pictures, mp3s...)



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