Saturday, August 04, 2007

North-South (international composition project)


I just uploaded my sounds to Notam server for North-South project. There are 13 fresh soundscape recordings from Helsinki, capital of Finland. I created three categories for the sounds: city, coast, forest.
North-South is an international composition project, 9 South-American composers and 9 Scandinavian composers will compose an electronic work from the environmental sounds which we have recorded for the project. My plan is to compose a work based on South-American bird sounds. Below the tracklist of my sounds for South-American composers.


rec. July 30, 2007 (tr. 1-2), July 27, 2007 (tr. 3), July 28, 2007 (tr. 4)

01. Tram (number 4)
- inside crowded tram number 4, at city centre, late afternoon
(4:05pm), people standing close together, Mannerheim street

02. Helsinki Railway Station
- ambience of station hall, people wandering and hanging around, late
afternoon (3:55pm), train announcement from the speakers

03. City buss (number 14)
- squeaky and trembling city buss on rocky street to Eira quarter of
Helsinki city

04. Construction machine
- construction, man at work, a noisy machine, Eira quarter of Helsinki city

rec. July 27, 2007 (tr. 5-6), July 28, 2007 (tr. 7-9)

05. Harbour - mast
- harbour, a boat mast in wind, Merisatama quarter of Helsinki city

06. Harbour - quay
- harbour, squeaking quay, Merisatama quarter of Helsinki city

07. Seaside - gooses
- group of gooses, Ursulanranta quarter of Helsinki city

08. Seaside - flock
- a young flock peeping in grass, flying flocks, Eira quarter of Helsinki city

09. Seaside - boat
- harbour, passing small boat, flocks, distant people, Eira quarter of
Helsinki city

rec. July 15, 2007 (tr. 10-12)

10. Forest - ambience
- forest ambience, birds, strong wind, Old City Bay quarter of Helsinki city

11. Forest - two trees
- forest ambience, two trees touching against each other and squeaking
in strong wind, Lammassaari island in Helsinki

12. Forest - silence
- forest ambience, birds, Old City Bay quarter of Helsinki city

rec. July 23, 2007 (tr. 13)

13. People and machine
- the moment when I took my new recording machine out from the bag,
put it on the table, and the people around the table thought it was
electroshock weapon. Languages are French, Finnish and English.

Petri Kuljuntausta
August 1st, 2007


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